We have had reports of cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) and demanding that citizens pay money for fines or fees in cases involving relatives. These calls are not valid. New Mexico Courts will never call citizens to ask for payments of any kind.

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What is an order of protection?

An order of protection is a court order that tells another person that he or she must stay away from you at all times. There is no cost or fee associated with filing to obtain an order of protection.

Obtaining an order of protection

Form packets may be obtained in person at the Eddy County District Court Clerk’s Office located at 102 North Canal, Suite 240, Carlsbad, New Mexico or by visiting the New Mexico Supreme Court website here.

Additional assistance in filling out the form may be obtained at the Carlsbad Battered Family Shelter by calling 575-885-4615, or by visiting the agency website here. In Artesia at Grammy’s House by calling 575-748-1198.

Important things to remember

Please remember that Eddy County District Court Clerk’s Office staff members are not able to assist you with filling out a form packet, provide you with legal advice, or ensure a specific outcome for your order of protection court case. Additionally, Clerk’s Office staff members are not permitted to recommend specific attorneys to represent you in court.

Please also remember that once you file a court case to obtain an order of protection, you must maintain contact with the Clerk’s Office to determine the status of your case and if, and when, a court hearing has been set for your court case. You will need to appear in person for your court hearing. Failure to appear at your court hearing will result in the dismissal of your order of protection court case and you will need to start the process anew if you still want your order of protection.

Attending your court hearing

When you attend your court hearing for your order of protection court case, please keep in mind the following:

  1. You may not have contact with the person you have filed the order of protection court case before, during or after your hearing;
  2. You will need to address all your questions with the Special Commissioner when your court case is called. Clerk’s office staff cannot make changes to an order of protection outside of a court hearing once it has been signed and issued by the Special Commissioner and a District Judge;
  3. You will need to stay after your court hearing is completed to receive copies of your documents. If you dismiss your order of protection, you will need proof of dismissal to have contact with the other party in the case. If you keep or renew your order of protection, you will need proof that it is valid and in effect if you request the assistance of law enforcement for enforcement of your order of protection.