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Adult Drug Court – Chaves County


The Fifth Judicial District, Chaves County Adult Drug Court (CCADC) is a Treatment Court program that utilizes a team approach to address substance abuse problems in the non-violent offender.  The Chaves County Adult Drug Court (CCADC) gives participants the opportunity to address substance abuse issues, remain in their community and continue to work.  The CCADC consists of three components: 

  1. Treatment for Substance Abuse and/or Dependence, (Inpatient or Outpatient)
  2. Surveillance, compliance, case management, and drug testing
  3. Monitoring by the Judge and Drug Court Team.


Drug court is an intensive treatment program that is designed to help people who are motivated to address substance abuse issues and improve the quality of their lives without having to leave their community, family, or employment. 


Through the use of intense judicial and community supervision, we are helping our participants to begin the life-long process of recovery from their addictions and to become productive citizens while enhancing public safety, reducing crime, and helping the community save valuable public and private resources.


Adults in Chaves County that have a drug or alcohol conviction, have been charged with a drug crime, probationers who have a substance abuse problem, or caregivers involved in the abuse and neglect system with a substance abuse problem.


  1. Consideration for admission to the drug court program shall be limited to those potential participants who:
  2. Have been arrested or convicted of drug offenses or drug related crimes having to do with alcohol or other drugs as defined in the New Mexico Criminal Code;
  3. Have non-drug related offenses that were committed while under the influence, or committed to support addiction or dependency, or are substantially related to the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs;
  4. Committed distribution of illegal substances to support participant’s dependency or addiction to alcohol or drugs (AOD);
  5. Have been arrested for drug offenses or drug related crimes and have qualified for a pre-prosecution or court-ordered AOD diversion program; or
  6. Have violated probation by commission of a drug offense, drug-related crime, or drug use. 
  7. A potential participant with a prior misdemeanor conviction or adjudication of a delinquent act involving violence may be admitted to the drug court program.

Drug Court Judge

The Honorable Dustin K. Hunter

Program Director

Araceli Pacheco

575-622-2212 ext 214



Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1776

Roswell, NM 88202-1776


Physical Address

400 N Virginia

Roswell, NM 88201



  • Call in daily between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM to get the drug testing schedule, including weekends and holidays. The phone number is 1-800-494-1250.


  • Fifth Judicial District Court: 575-622-2212


  • NM Rehab Center/Treatment Facility: 575-347-3400


  • C&J Drug Screen 575-623-9098 located at 500 N Main Street Suite 300


  • Advanced Toxicology 575-910-4365 located at 404 B W. College


  • Adult Probation/Parole Emergency Assistance: 1-800-428-5686

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